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Summer Sweetness

Deliciously mello, like a summer breeze.

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All About Me
(Current) Favourite Pairings

I like a lot of stuff, in case you haven't glanced at my interests yet. Right now I'm obsessed with Tenipuri and Jyuuken Sentai Gekirangers, along with Nachural, D-BOYS, and PUREBoys. I'll get a little random and hyoer when I find out anything interesting about any of the above mentioned, but will probably tone down when I'm told that it's been mentioned before. In understanding terms, I get easily excited over random stuff, so if you don't like a hyperactive random person, then I suggest you just press that 'Back' button at the top of your screen and pretend you never heard of me.

Along with the interests I mentioned before, I also love playing Fly for Fun (Flyff), Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Death Note. I don't really watch jdramas, though I have watched both seasons of Hana Yori Dango and loved it, if that counts for anything.

I sure don't bite, but I do hope you don't either. What I mean is, if you're respectful towards me, then I'll be respectful back. Same thing goes for being mean jackass, but if you're having an off day, I'll understand. Spoilers about anything, whether it's about a series that I'm familiar with or myu-related information, should be kept under a lj-cut. Anyway, I hope we can be crazy people together! :D

SanaYuki. Probably my yaoi!OTP of PoT. They're practically married, for goodness sake.
PeicestTakki. I totally blame Juu for this. If you think too much about this pairing, your mind might explode. xD
YuutoAiri. It's so sweet and beautiful and...*gushes* They're a wonderful couple, even if it IS the younger Yuuto. xD
YuutoRyoutaro. God, I see so much connectivity in these two! I think I may of overanalyzed those long looks they give each other, rofl. xD
FujiMizukiYuuta. My favourite yaoi OT3 in PoT, hands down.
AkiraMitaka. (From PuriPuri) Instant OTP, FTW. Their love is so cute and canon-like! *wibbles*
KajiEndou. A crack pairing brought to mind by pennytook. Kaji-kins and Endou-bear are so awesome together. :D

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